Ivanka and Martin Lukschal

LukschaloviIvanka and Martin saw each other for the first time at a dance lesson at the age of 15 and 16. Actually, he saw her because at that time she was too shy to wear her strong glasses. Nevertheless, she did not object when he asked her to join a dance club run by the dance master Mr. Král in České Budějovice. There Ivanka and Martin grew so close that they eventually got married.

When they’ve left for Austria, they did the same thing again. They took dance lessons…and other and other, advanced ones. After some time they have been accepted to a sports dance club Rot-Weis, where former Austrian champions led the training. They both felt that a common hobby, independent of the weather, is important for spouses and sports dance is a beautiful thing…

After 20 years of dancing they started to mind the fact, that all the learnt figures can be danced only with own partner and only at the Club’s evening dances. Sports dance was not created for balls but for competition and the jury. Beside the music (playing in unsuitable rhythms), dancers at a ball are limited by the space needed for their painstakingly and lovingly learnt figures.

Around 2000, Martin has discovered Argentine tango. Argentine tango is a different world. It is an improvised dance, originating in the need to dance and to convey a wonderful experience to the partner. There are no precisely described figures. The dancers change partners and can dance practically with anyone who knows tango, anywhere in the world.

Martin and Ivanka have completely fallen for tango. They started travelling within Europe and to Buenos Aires to learn from the best teachers. Up till 2013, they have learnt from over 80 different teachers during 1300 hours of workshops. In recent years, it has been especially Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa for the enthusiasm in their dance, and Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne for their creativity and musicality.